Hey there!

I’m James. I’m 32 years young and this is my travel blog! I’ve been on the road for three years and haven’t been home since. I’ve got the travel bug and there’s no sign of it leaving anytime soon.

People often ask me if it’s lonely travelling the world solo. That’s a really dumb question in my eyes. Of course, it’s not lonely! I get to meet such a diverse range of people I make new friends every day and there is always, ALWAYS, someone to chat to out on the road. In fact, I’ve bet I’ve spoken to more people this month than you have all year, and I can count each and every one of them as my friend.

I’ve been to so many places that sometimes it’s hard to keep track. I like establishing a base in the countries I visit, but it’s never long before the bug bites once again and I get the itch to up and leave and find the next exciting destination.

Let me try and recount the places I’ve been so far. I began my journey in South Africa, completing a tour of the Cape Coast in nine weeks before travelling north to Kruger to assist in the park. Next was Argentina, a long, long flight from Johannesburg. It was here that I got my first ‘proper’ traveller’s job. I worked at a seedy bar on the coast for minimum wage and free accommodation. Sound awful? It was honestly the best time of my life! So much so, that I ended up staying for six months. I then went on to Chile, Brazil, Ireland, Greenland, Belgium and Mexico. I did so many different things in each country that it would take me forever to write them down (hey, why not check out my blogs if you want to find out more!).

Right now? I’m in India. I’m a busy guy, but I always find time for my blog and for my readers. You’ll find destination guides, accessory recommendations, personal experiences, tips, advice and lots more over on my blogs. I’m always up for a late night conversation so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have a question!

Peace out!

If you’ve any questions for me, don’t hesitate to contact me using this contact form and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.