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3 Things You Can Do During an Airplane Delay

Airplane delays are something we all dread, but ultimately have faced at one time or another. Chances are that you will also experience them on your future travels. Although one way to avoid delays could be flying privately with a company like, sometimes delays are something you can’t avoid, especially if they are caused by the weather, for example. While you cannot prevent delays from happening-whether they are due to bad weather, technical difficulties, etc., there are things you can do to ensure your trip goes more smoothly.

Hopefully things go as planned and you are not anticipating any delays, but these 3 tips are definitely worth considering in the event that things go south:

  1. Monitor the Weather Forecast

Weather patterns change everyday, but oftentimes it can be predicted several days beforehand. If you see that your particular travel date calls for heavy fog, ice or snow, it is a pretty safe bet that your flight will either be delayed or cancelled. Traveling during the winter months in particular runs a higher risk of experiencing issues with inclement weather. Regardless, if you download your airline app (ie: Delta, United, and other large airlines.), you can receive updates on whether or not your plane is on time or delayed.

  1. Use Your Smartphone to Get Alerts

Everything runs around mobile technology-and airlines are on board with providing its customers with instant updates that you can check on your phone or tablet. For instance, say you have the airline app downloaded and you are currently sitting on your recently arrived plane, you can instantly check to see whether or not your connecting flight is running on time. You can know everything before you even get off the plane, which allows you to quickly find an attendant who can help you find another plane if your connecting flight is way behind schedule.

  1. Know What Compensation You Are Entitled To

Some things are just out of your hands. If you have a severe flight delay or a cancellation due to things such as inclement weather conditions, political revolts (if you are travelling abroad to other countries such as some Spanish countries with home security issues), etc., you may be entitled to various types of airline compensation.

First, see if your trip can be refunded or rescheduled at the earliest convenience. If your flight is delayed by a day or more and you have already begun your trip, find out if the airline will provide you with free hotel accommodations. In the very least, the airline should be able to give you airport food vouchers. The best way to find out what compensations you are entitled to first check on the airline website (before hand) or to talk to an airline representative as the situation is happening (best to talk in person; however, they also have a number you can call).