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3 Tips For Entertaining Your Kids While On A Road Trip

Whether you’re taking a road trip as part of a vacation, to travel to see friends and family, or just to adventure to a new part of the world, spending hours and hours in the car can be hard. Especially if you have young children that you’re bringing along with you, a road trip might seem like it’s more trouble than it’s worth. However, if you’re prepared and have the right expectations, you can have a successful and enjoyable road trip. To show you how this can be done, here are three tips for entertaining your kids while on a road trip.

Plan For When There’s No Service

Thanks to modern technology, it’s often easier than ever to keep your kids entertained while in the car. But if you’re driving through an area where you won’t have service on your smartphone or your Wi-Fi won’t be working, it’s important that you prepare for these times. Not only will this make it difficult for you to call for help if you have car issues or get in an accident, but it can also throw a wrench in your kids’ entertainment options. Because of this, Suzanne Rowan Kelleher, a contributor to Trip Savvy, recommends that you have some options for when there’s no service. Some games you might want to teach your kids or have on hand could include “I Spy”, the license plate game, cards, books, and more.

Let Them “Navigate”

For kids, car rides can seem to go on for an indeterminate amount of time when they don’t understand where they are or where they’re going. To combat this, Akweli Parker, a contributor to How Stuff Works, recommends that you allow your kids to “navigate” for you on your trip. Get a map or print out the directions you’re using to get to your destination. Then, have your kids mark when you pass different cities or landmarks so they can see the progress you’re making. Not only can this help to keep them entertained, but it can also help eliminate the incessant, “Are we there yet?”

Pick Up Toys Along The Way

If your kids love playing with toys, packing the right toys for your road trip can be very important, possibly even buy new toys using coupons from places like Raise might help to spark their interest and entertain them on a road trip. While you might think you can get by with just bringing along some of your kids’ favorite toys, these toys can often get boring after a while. What can help keep your kids entertained for longer, according to Kate Kelly, Amy Gorin, and Jessica Hartshorn, is cycling in some new toys every once in a while. So to help take up less space in your car, make a plan to stop at a few places to pick up new toys along the way to keep your kids content.

For families planning to take a road trip, consider using the tips mentioned above to help keep your kids entertained while on your journey.