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3 U.S. Travel Destinations Great For a Wedding Proposal

While laying in bed, daydreaming yourself to sleep, you remembered the wonderful day you had with the love of your life. Matter-of-fact, you’ve had several over the time you two have spent together.

You love the way she smiles, the life you share in common, and the way she makes you feel like you can do anything. This is it. She’s the one! The proposal has to be spot on. It’s a moment a girl never forgets, whether it carries the stink of tragedy or the shine of victory.

The first thing you are going to have to do is determine where might be the best place to pop the question. Below are three suggestions that might help to finish sweeping her off her feet and into the rest of your life.

The Great Smoky Mountains

If you have ever been to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, you know the natural beauty it hides. Many people go there to get away from the loud hustle and bustle of the city life. There are majestic waterfalls, intriguing rock formations, and luscious green fields against the backdrop of the Smoky Mountains.

You could take her on a hike through the blessed serenity of nature, visit the zip line and fly over the same beauty, or challenge her to a trip down the rapids of the Big Pigeon River. Whichever you choose, you are sure to cater to her romantic side by escaping the jailing sites and sounds of the cityscape.

A moment in the peace of the wooded Tennessee mountain range could be the perfect place to ask the woman of your dreams to marry you.

The Deserts of Nevada

Nevada is mostly comprised of desert lands. It is home to the Great Basin Desert and the Mojave, both of which can be severely unforgiving. However, the elegance and the grace of the sun dancing on top of the sand can be hypnotizing, to say the least.

A night camping trip in the desert is a great way to create some private time for the occasion. If a more public event is what you are shooting for, consider proposing along one of the several routes laid out for Nevada’s valued tourists.

Whichever you choose to attempt, your proposal is bound to create a moment in her life where she knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that you love her more than the desert loves the rain.

The Florida Beaches

There are literally millions of tourist every year to the Sunshine State. Its constant warm temperatures, sunny days, and sandy beaches provide a blanket of good feelings to all who cross the state line. The beaches of Florida are clean and full of potential new friends.

The air is saturated with a salty scent and lifeguards are poised for the unexpected rescue. A walk on the beach under a protruding moon and stars is rather cliche, but extremely romantic. Ever considered an evening dip in the waves?

The powerful crashing and foaming of King Triton’s territory can create an open window where you can express your undying devotion to the one you love. With that said, go on and kiss the girl! Just don’t forget to give her the ring, first.

Proposing to your significant other should be an experience that creates the euphoria of being the only special princess on the planet, if only for a few seconds. If you are struggling to find the perfect place to pop the million dollar question, refer back to this article for suggestions.