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Different Ways to Use a Tarpaulin When Camping

When you start to pack the car for your adventurous camping trip, the last thing you want to do is pack lots of different items that you’re only going to use once or twice. Camping is all about making the most out of what you have, and this is where tarpaulins come in extremely handy. While buying your camping equipment, you could save money on gear by opting to buy older products (which are marked down in price) from certain e-stores like REI-Outlet and similar others. That said, having a tarpaulin on hand during your camping trip can answer so many problems you may face, as they’re an extremely versatile piece of camping equipment. You may only be able to think of one or two uses for your tarp, so continue reading to gain some inspiration on how you can make the very most out of your tarpaulin this camping trip.

Protecting Your Tent

One of the best and most obvious uses for a tarpaulin is to protect your tent. Your tent has been designed to keep you dry and warm, but when used in the middle of the country, you’re always going to find certain situations that could cause potential damage to your tent, leaving you cold and miserable through the night! Position your tarp underneath your tent to simply protect the material from any rocks, stones or even unwanted plants that could pierce the material and cause issues further down the line. You don’t want to puncture the material in any part of the tent, as this will result in damp, water leaking in, and so on. Another way to protect your tent with a tarpaulin is to position it along the top of the tent, which will prevent any heavy rain from seeping through the material. If you forget your rainfly or your tent simply isn’t strong enough to withstand the heavy weather conditions, a tarp will simply help to relieve the pressure of the rain and keep the material underneath intact and dry.

Protecting Your Equipment

Whilst many people may think that you need to protect your equipment from potential thieves who patrol the campsites on an evening looking for quality goods they can take, it is actually very unlikely that this is something you need to be concerned about. The main concern when camping, is to protect your equipment from the weather, and most importantly, from the local wildlife. It’s fascinating to know just how many foxes, badgers and even birds will creep their way through campsites to find themselves some food for the night, but you want to make sure your equipment is all covered and hidden. Covering your camping equipment with a large tarp will prevent any unwanted visitors from reaching the items, and will ensure they are safe and sound throughout your trip. The tarpaulin will also protect your equipment from heavy weather conditions, as you may find that water could cause some damage to items such as your camping stove or chairs, so you want to ensure they’re stored away and covered as much as possible.

Creating a Shelter

From heavy winds, to strong sun rays, the weather on your camping trip can be unpredictable, and that’s often part of the fun! Use your tarpaulin to protect you and your camping spot from heavy winds by creating your own windbreaker. This will enable you to eat and relax in peace, without everything blowing around and disrupting the calm. Similarly, if those sun rays are slightly too strong for you to handle, position your tarp in the right way to provide you with some shade, where you can relax and read a good book. This will really help to cool you down and ensure you’re not getting too much direct sunlight.

Added Privacy

You don’t often get much privacy throughout your camping trip, especially if you have other campers pitched close by. Use your tarp to give your camping pitch a little extra privacy by positioning it around your tent and fire area. You could also create your own private toilet space so that you can do your business in peace, without having to watch out to see who is around! This added privacy will give you more time to relax and wind down during your camping trip, whilst still experiencing the beautiful outdoors and socialising with others who are close to you.