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Road Trip Safety Tips For The Whole Family

Having fun on your end of summer road trip is the number one goal, but safety shouldn’t be far behind.  Teaching your family to be prepared and safe on your journey is a great way to assure you meet your fun goal in one piece.  

If you’re not sure where to begin preparing your family for a safe trip, you’ve stumbled upon a gold mine.  Here is a brief look into a few crucial ways to keep your family safe on your end of summer road trip.

Teach everyone what to do after a car accident

In the terrible case of a car accident, everyone in your vehicle should understand their part in the situation.  Teach your children to wait for your command before trying to exit the vehicle. Jumping out directly after a car accident can have fatal consequences.  

Teach yourself how to manage the legal side of getting into a car accident.  Research whether or not you will need a lawyer and how to properly report your accident to your insurance company.  

Make sure you’re car seats are properly secured

Too often, parents do not properly secure their children’s car seats.  When a carseat isn’t properly secured, your child could break loose during a collision.  It is your responsibility to make certain that your children are properly restrained while the vehicle is in motion.  

There are car seat check locations set up all over the country.  A quick Google search will help you find professionals near you and solidify the safety of your little ones.  

Visit the mechanic before you set out

The vehicle you are using for the road trip should be thoroughly inspected for safety before leaving the driveway.  Get an oil change, and make sure the engine is up to date on its tune up schedule.  

Check the tires on the vehicle for adequate tread, and get the brakes inspected.  Most mechanics will take a look at your vehicle free of charge, so it doesn’t hurt to at least get a good once over on the vehicle.  

Pack a basic survival kit in the vehicle

Even if you aren’t going on a long journey, it’s a good idea to carry a basic survival kit in your vehicle.  A few warm blankets, some jumper cables, road flares, duct tape, a few essential tools, flashlights, batteries, basic first aid materials, and some water will give you a good start.  

If you experience a breakdown during your journey, you’ll want to know that you have the supplies to keep everyone somewhat comfortable during the waiting.  It takes time to get your car off the side of the road, so plan ahead for anything.