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Tips to relax in flight

Travelling by flight can help save a lot of time, but it often becomes stressful and tiring. The long hours in a flight can often make you sick. If you are among the people who sit all tensed up in the runway, don’t worry you are not alone. There are many people who suffer from this inconvenience. The constant news of air crashes and tragedy that flood the TV channels make it even scarier and it is a sad plight that spoils the entire fun of travel and increases the fear of flying.

It is equally true that commercial flights are safer than ever before, thanks to the developing and innovative technologies being employed. Still, some find it difficult to trust the industry and simply relax. However, there are ways to relax and enjoy the journey.

  • Know your fears: In fact, it is possible that you are not really afraid of the flight, but the inconvenience and discomfort that you feel is the cause of worry. A few years back the commercial flight seats were cramped and small, probably you are not accustomed to it usually. Even regular flyers crib about the small leg space and the crowded seats.

So it is essential that you understand your feelings and fears. If it is the discomfort and claustrophobia that is playing the trick, all it takes is a little preparation and self-control to manage those feelings and separate them from feeling unsafe.

  • Do not fight your fears: It is a scientifically proven fact that fighting fears is not the way to overcome them but instead facing them lets you overcome the fears in a much effective manner. It is quite natural to get back the worst of your fears when you are all prepared to go on a happy holiday.

The best possible way to overcome the same is to accept your fears and try to convince yourself that you are going to be fine. Saying something affirmative to oneself can work real wonders. If you are not traveling alone, taking the help of your partner can also help you to overcome the fear of flying.

  • Try to distract yourself: Sometimes the main reason for panic attacks and worries is overthinking. One way to avoid this is to distract yourself from negative and panicky thoughts. You could, for example, take a look at the latest K-pop news (if you are interested in Korean entertainment) or watch some of your favorite sitcoms to take your mind off your fears. Remember, you need not rely on the flights to provide you with any entertainment, but instead make sure you have an on-demand service such as is provided by a company like AT&T tv that allows you to watch your favorite shows on your smart device or tablet. Alternatively, you could head to a bookstore beforehand and get an interesting book to read on board.
  • Drink within limits: It sounds an interesting way to drink a few shots before the flight takes off and en route as well. Well, it is not as good an idea as it sounds. Being drunk is a clear signal for anyone who might want to take advantage of you. Getting robbed in an unknown place will not be an enjoyable experience.

So be forewarned. Also, it is a proven fact that drinking caffeine and coffee just increases the possibility of a panic attack – drinking responsibly is the key to overcoming your fear of flying. Alternatively, you could eat a couple of edible gummies before your flight as a way to relax without alcohol. You can get them from a site like, but be careful to check the guidelines on edibles for your airline before your journey as some may not allow them on board.

Letting go of your fears and being prepared will be a great approach to fix your fear of flying. Try out these handy tips, overcome the fear of flying and enjoy the journey.