Budget Travel Road Trips

Keeping Things Light while out Long on the Road

It’s a real balancing act trying to go away on a series of trips for as long as you can while keeping it light in terms of everything you take with you. Unless you’re seriously wealthy, one of the compromises of being out long on the road is essentially having to wing it as a backpacker of sorts. You’ll be staying in the cheapest accommodation you can find (the most comfortable you can get the lowest price, of course) and you’ll be keeping your ear to the ground so as to take advantage of any opportunity to keep moving, so you can’t be bogged down by excessive luggage and perhaps having your travel budget eaten into by extra airport luggage penalty costs.

So how does one go about keeping it light when out on the road long, especially taking into account that there are just some comforts which you eventually really miss and can’t really go too long without?

Sending Packages Home

If you collect souvenirs while on the go, you can mail them internationally to your home address so as to keep things light. This also applies to buying other items such as new clothes for example, in which case send a package home containing some of your older ones, after they’ve been to the laundromat and have been washed, of course.

Laundry on the Go

Developing a knack for doing your laundry on the go just about solves all of the luggage packing problems a backpacker would encounter if they wanted to remain light while traveling for prolonged periods of time. Make full use of the laundry service made available at your place of accommodation, especially if it’s complementary, otherwise dropping in on the laundry services regular folk use is a great way to get your laundry refreshed on the cheap.