Southern Leaf-Peeping Destinations For Fall Travel

Fall is just around the corner, and temperatures are beginning to change. When the weather shifts, the leaves change. When the leaves begin to die off, the beauty of the colors expressed can be breathtaking.

Nature enthusiasts can adore the organic display of the changing of the seasons by pinpointing the best landscapes to serve as the perfect palette. Check out a brief summary, featuring some of the U.S. South’s best leaf-peeping destinations, and start planning your road trip today.

Travel I-59 in Alabama

Traveling on any stretch of I-59 in the peak of peeping season will present pleasant views. Stop along the way for a good meal, and have a drink to enhance the mood.

Just don’t drink heavily and drive, as you will endanger the lives of others. Leaf peeping is more about enjoying the life around you. Indulge more of your time in the organic mood enhancers provided by the scenery along I-59.

Visit Abingdon, Virginia

Get out of the car in Abingdon, Virginia to enjoy the changing of the leaves live in living color. You and the family can ride bikes down paths that run through twists and turns of the forest alongside some gentle running streams.

The Blue Ridge Mountains run through southwest Virginia, where you can explore the Virginia Creeper Trail. Hike or bike, it’s your choice. Stop by the White Top Station to experience a shuttle ride down some very beautiful tree-lined routes.

Ride the Great Pumpkin Patch Express

You can ride a steam train through the fall foliage in Bryson City, North Carolina. You can choose to take a longer train ride (4-4.5 hrs) through the Great Smoky Mountains, or you can take a shorter ride (2.5 hrs) on the Great Pumpkin Patch Express.

If hiking is more of a journey for you and your travel party, check out the trails of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The Deep Creek Loop Trail is especially gorgeous during the fall leaf-peeping season.

Visit the Texas Hill Country River Region

Texas isn’t always unbearably hot, and fall is the best time to experience a sightseeing adventure. The Texas Hill Country River Region will grant you the sight of fine foliage, alongside flowing waters and a variety of wildlife.

Check out Concan, Texas, and investigate what the Garner State Park has to offer. There’s an option to explore the lands by horseback as well.

Go ziplining in Fayetteville, West Virginia

Go ziplining in Fayetteville along the New River Gorge Bridge, and get a special perspective of the gorgeous fall foliage of West Virginia. You may also want to go whitewater rafting nearby with Adventures on the Gorge. You could also take New River Gorge Motorcycle Tours or similar ones if you love to ride and hustle.

Whichever destination you choose, the goal is to take the most fun out of it. Travelling and seeing new places is not only a treat to the eyes but also the mind and soul.