Travel Debrovnik

Traveling to the spectacular city of Dubrovnik, the largest city in the Croatian Adriatic region, should be a memorable trip for the whole family. There is so much to see and do in Dubrovnik that after spending just three days you’ll wonder how you ever managed to fit it all into the short time you have been there. If you have a small car or a large van it won’t take up too much of your valuable traveling time so you can easily make the most of your visit by hiring a car for your trip. If you have a group of friends coming along, you may want to consider a holiday package which will provide all your needs for the duration of your stay.

Although Dubrovnik is a small city it is packed full of historical importance. It is the hometown of Emperor Charles IV and his six-year reign was marred by a civil war which ended with the deposition of the emperor. Dubrovnik is the place where Charles’ former mistress, Empress Catilina, is buried. There are many exciting museums as well as a spectacular art gallery to explore.

The city is brimming with activity during the summer months and you will find plenty of beach activities to participate in. During the winter months there is always something to do outdoors but you should plan accordingly. In the summer there is always an abundance of water sport and activities such as paragliding, windsurfing, banana boating and ice skating. As well as the water you will find a range of indoor activities including clay pigeon and paintballing. In the summer you will find plenty of exciting nightclubs and bars to visit.

When touring the city there are plenty of sightseeing places to be seen. You can visit the Monastery on the Mount pagodinus and view the miracle of the rebirth of Christianity in the city. The main building in the city centre is the beautiful Sanja building and it overlooks the river Marica.

As you tour Dubrovnik you will also be able to experience the history of the city and some of its traditions. At the beginning of the 8th century the city was named after the Greek word for ‘mound’. It was here that St. Nicholas became a legend. He would visit the groves of acacia trees and distribute sweets to the children who would then give them gifts. This tradition still continues today in Dubrovnik and even today the children receive gifts from the young people playing in the fields near the groves.

If you want to experience a truly unique holiday then you should consider taking a trip to the region of the Adriatic. You will find some of the best beaches anywhere in the Adriatic and the waters around Dubrovnik offer some of the best diving locations in the Adriatic. In the summer months you can head out to the region and enjoy water sports or simply just relax on the beaches and enjoy the sun. No trip to the Adriatic will be complete without spending a few nights in one of the many guest houses available. The rates for staying in Dubrovnik vary depending on what type of accommodation you are looking for.