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Pet Friendly Hotels in the UK

If you are planning your next vacation and thinking about bringing small puppies, the first step is to ensure a pleasant trip to pet-friendly hotels.

There are numerous destinations to choose from, and nowadays there are numerous pet-friendly UK holidays, the airports are pet friendly and even have dog cages, designated litter boxes and some even have pet care centres. These amenities are some of the perks that you will need to check with your hotel of choice. Since some hotels are pet friendly, more pets are now welcome.

Before you begin your journey, make sure you save the following:

The documentary requirements of your pet such as papers, puppy book and a new ID label with the name of your pet, name and address and contact number.

Pack your dog food and water tray, linens, litter box and linen. It is always great to be prepared.

Keep a small bag of medication, first aid kit and your dog hospital history book.

Consult your veterinarian before you get on the road. It is important that your pet is checked to ensure they are in good health.

Carry a pet crate or kennel, just in case your hotel would ask your pet to be admitted into the room. Kennels, crates or cages are a safe way to transport your pet.

Recently I went on a road trip with my labrador. I was a bit worried about the trip and thought it would be like carting a toddler across the country. So about a month before we left, I made an investigation about the pet-friendly accommodations in the country and I have come up with a few hotel features that will serve as my benchmark for the choice,

The hotel should welcome pets as they would welcome us. When I look for a place to stay, it is important that there is a ‘home away from home” feeling. And regardless of the star rating the hotel has, it should have best customer service.

The hotel should be comfortable for guests and pets. Hotels and accommodations now present a variety of boutiques, souvenir shops, salons and service centres in the lobby. A hotel that I have considered has a pet shop and a pet care facility. A great perk of some pet friendly hotels is a creche service, where the hotel minds dogs and other pets for a few hours a day – perfect for if you are venturing out for an evening meal or travelling somewhere where they are not admitted.

It should have pet friendly amenities. Most friendly hotels have pet boxes, pet travel carriers, linen and vehicle pet barriers that are readily available if you want to take your puppy on a tour around the city.

The hotel should have pet-oriented services. Pet friendly hotels include mattresses and linens for your puppy on request, pet care supplies and extra service for your pet’s walking, and blank litter boxes for you.

If your accommodation is an extra pet friendly hotel, they may even have an on-site vet, although this is rare. Try and find a pet friendly hotel that is close to a vet surgery or ask at the desk for a recommendation of where to get medical help if needed.

Wherever you choose to take your furry friend, it is always important to look at the safety, security, luxury and pleasure of our companions. If you take your best friend with you, it is always advisable to stay in a pet-friendly accommodation. Talk to your travel agent for a thorough list of pet friendly hotels.