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5 Tips For Proposing On a Trip

If you’re thinking about popping the big question on a vacation, it’s safe to assume that you’re probably a romantic. The idea of going on a trip, enjoying some down time together, then asking her to be with you forever is downright adorable. Your chances of her saying yes just multiplied.

Make sure that you’ve got everything planned out before rushing in, however. Without preparing ahead of time, you risk things going potentially wrong and your whole plan going south. So follow these tips when planning on asking for her hand in marriage while away on vacation.

Make All Your Plans Ahead Of Time

Rather than leaving everything until the last minute, make sure that you get everything organized and reserved ahead of time. That means booking cruises, reserving tables, and ordering flowers before you leave for the trip.

The last thing that you want is to be scrambling at the last minute. When everything falls perfectly into place, she’ll notice that you put some serious planning into the event. Whereas if you improvise haphazardly, she’ll see right away.

Don’t Even Think About Putting The Ring In Checked Luggage

Guarding that ring with your life is essential. So don’t even think about letting it out of your sight. If you put it into your checked luggage, you risk it arriving delayed, or worse, getting lost or stolen.

Keep the ring in your carry-on luggage and take extra care to ensure that she won’t see it. The last thing you want is the whole surprise to be blown before you even take off on the airplane.

Don’t Be Suspicious

If you’re bad at keeping secrets, it’s time to start putting on a poker face. The whole idea of a proposal in a new location is to make it an exciting surprise! Don’t act nervous or make references to “surprises” or marriage or anything of the sort.

Try to act natural and push it into the back of your mind. Try to focus on other things and relax!

Be Flexible

Throughout the unfolding of your proposal journey, you may get hit with some curveballs. Things may change, you may have to improvise, and you may need to change your strategy.

Rather than panicking, stay calm and go with the flow. Adjust accordingly and remain resourceful. Try to think quickly on your toes and keep that poker face going!

Arrange Someone To Take Photos

You better believe that you’re both going to want a photo of the moment when she says “Yes!”  Therefore, you should arrange ahead of time for someone to take pictures. 

You can hire a photographer, who will be on location with you, or you can hand your cell phone to a trustworthy person nearby a few moments before popping the big question. You will want to make sure that you’re looking your best in the pictures, so take advice from on how to get your skin looking bump free for the big moment!

You’ll be so happy to have that shot afterward!