Fancy Ways to Add Glam to Your Camping Trip

For many people, the last thing they want to do is give up all of their home comforts for a weekend in a field with a small tent and sleeping bag, but those are often the people who haven’t experienced just how amazing and fun camping can be. You don’t have to go right back to basics with camping, as there are so many new and homely features available to help you make your camping trip a little more suited to you. If you’re in Iceland for example, you can look at renting a campervan for your trip from sites like which come with all the homely accessories you could need. Here are a few other fancy ways in which you can add some glam to your camping trip and feel a little more at home.

The Best Bedding

The one thing that many people struggle with when camping is getting a good night’s sleep, and that’s usually due to the fact that they’re sleeping in a sleeping bag on the hard ground. One of the best ways to make your camping experience as cosy and comfortable as possible is to invest in some great bedding. Starting with an air bed, you can then add a duvet, some cosy throws and cushions. You instantly have your own mini home from home and a bed that’s going to give you the perfect comfort for a good night’s sleep. For those who don’t enjoy sleeping outdoors when camping and prefer the warmth of their campervan, you may want to look at a rock and roll bed for the little ones, or a fold out mattress for yourself. This will instantly give you the night’s sleep you need to set you up properly for the next day!

Delicious Food

Packing plenty of your favourite food for your camping trip will help to make it feel much more relaxing and luxurious. From your favourite M&S dips and breadsticks, to some delicious chocolate and locally sourced meat from a close by farm shop, you can really dine in style and enjoy some tasty treats throughout your trip. By packing your ultimate favourite treats, you’ll instantly feel settled and much happier throughout your camping adventures.

Luxurious Lounging

Whilst it’s important to ensure you have a cosy bed to retire to at the end of the night, it’s just as important to have a comfortable space to lounge through the evening, whether you’re telling stories around the fire, listening to music or laying down and watching the stars go by, you want to be comfortable whatever you do! Make sure you have some comfortable camping chairs, or alternatively you could purchase a thick picnic blanket to relax on throughout the evening. Equipped with some snuggly blankets, you’ll be ready for a lovely evening with plenty of warmth and comfort!

Magical Moments

Camping is always the perfect time to experience some really magical moments, whether that’s stargazing in a quiet field, exploring some exciting new places or just sitting with your favourite people and having a lovely time, and you can make these moments even more magical with some special touches. Fairy lights are the perfect addition to your camping spot, especially when dangled around the tops of your tents. Not only will this give your tent/camping spot a really beautiful glow, but it will also prevent you from tripping over the guide ropes! You could also add some deluxe bunting or signs to your tents to make them a little more personal and unique. This will make your camping spot stand out and will certainly make for some fabulous photographs!