Find a Commercial Espresso Machine that Fits Your Needs

A commercial automatic espresso machine that fits your needs is the perfect companion to a successful restaurant, bistro, or cake and coffee shop. However, there is more to choosing than deciding which of the glowing designs you like most. A commercial espresso machine must also suit your particular business, and there are many different designs to choose from when you look at the specifications. A good starting point would be to look at different sites like to find something that might suit you.

A Commercial Automatic Espresso Machine that Fits Your Needs

As you begin your research, you discover five important considerations when finding a commercial automatic espresso machine that fits your needs.

  1. Space on the Counter: a commercial espresso machine station needs counter space for the coffee machine, steam wand, grinder, and final presentation. Make sure the electricity, water supply and drainage connections are adequate.
  1. Capacity of Machine: commercial espresso machines come with varying numbers of heads. For example, one head is sufficient for a small coffee shop churning say five kilograms of products a week. Whereas a large operation with two baristas, and seventy kilograms a week would need a group of three or four.
  1. Single or Dual Boiler: A boiler does one thing at a time: make espresso or steam milk. Therefore a dual boiler enables faster production compared to a two-step process. The patron benefits from stable brew temperature and faster order turnaround.
  1. Physical Appeal: a commercial automatic espresso machine that fits your needs should express the ambience of your brand. Choose carefully. Do you want a timeless piece or the latest state of art? Remember, the equipment will have pride of place on your counter.
  1. Price versus Brand: Choose a reliable and reputable brand. Like a decent motor car, this will cost you more, but should pay back handsomely in terms of product quality, reliability, and long life. A lower price comes at a price too.
  1. Refurbished or New: Depending on your requirements, you can find a used espresso machine or a coffee maker online at a significant discount, sometimes as much as 50% or more. Before you buy, think about why you want a refurbished espresso machine. A commercial espresso machine purchased for a restaurant, café, church, or other facilities may be more manual and contain more metal parts than one purchased for a small cafe or personal use. Hence, it all depends on your budget and your preferences for old vs. new machines.

After Sales Service is Equally Important

Avoid the temptation of sourcing a commercial espresso machine cheaply from a non-specialist store. This could be a single container load never to be repeated. Where will you get spares? Who will come and help you when you need it?

Choose a supplier that provides twenty-four-hour support. They must back you if your coffee machine breaks down at any time. Obtain a pre-purchase agreement regarding the training they provide. A commercial automatic espresso machine that fits your needs should be something you will treasure for a long time.