Top Cities in the UK to Enjoy a Serviced Apartment Stay in

The UK isn’t a small place, and there’s a lot more to it than just to one or two spots you see in the movies. However, it’s connected enough that you can travel clear across it in just a couple of hours; making it an amazing location for tourists who want to get the most out of their time traveling abroad.

In this brief article, we’ll cover the top cities in the UK to book a serviced apartment in. These are the perfect places to serve as home bases while you branch out and explore the greater area.

              1: London

We can’t make a list of the top UK cities without mentioning London. Its Georgian architecture, pristine waterways, and awe-inspiring attractions make it a prime location to call home during your stay.

Some of the main reasons we recommend London are its springs, historical landmarks, and shopping opportunities. The hot springs contain 43 minerals, and they’ve drawn the attention of tourists for more than 2000 years. One of the historical landmarks you can visit was built around them: The Roman Bathhouses. While you can’t use the original bathhouses, you can visit one of several local spas that sprung up around it.

There are also ample shopping and eating opportunities on London’s streets. From the headquarters of some of the best designers to world-renown restaurants, a simple walk down London’s streets is sure to impress you.

              2: Bristol

Bristol is a top city to visit if you like a lot more atmosphere without all the big-city buzz. It has numerous luxury serviced apartments available, the city is lined with plenty of greenery and a well-maintained landscape, and it has more than enough attractions to keep you busy throughout your stay.

The harbor is home to Bristol’s historical warehouses; warehouses that are now filled with top-notch restaurants, shops, and a buzzing nightlife with a penchant for craft brews.

You can also check out the famous Clifton suspension bridge; a piece of Victorian architecture stretching across the Avon gorge.

Of course, the simple things are often the most memorable, so make sure to visit Brandon park. The greenery is peaceful, but the historic tower looming above it can be climbed for a jaw-dropping view of the city.

3: Windsor

Windsor is a tourist’s dream destination. It has medieval architecture and landmarks, modern novelties you can’t see anywhere else, and plenty of quaint, countryside areas that provide tons of relaxation.

First, Windsor is just a short ride from London. So, you can easily book your serviced apartment in Windsor, explore the area, and then head over to the center of tourism itself. However, make sure you check out Windsor Castle. It’s a medieval castle located in the stunning Windsor countryside, and there are plenty of well-kept medieval buildings to explore nearby.

Legoland Windsor is the perfect place for those with a fondness for the famous children’s toy. Legoland Windsor is a full resort completely dedicated to Lego and Lego creations. It’s a must-see for adults and children alike.

Finally, the main portion of Windsor provides you with countless shopping and dining opportunities, as well as a more relaxed and atmospheric vibe that you don’t get with other big cities.

Try Them All

We recommend booking your serviced apartment in one of these three cities, but don’t just stick to that one area. Once you have your serviced apartment booked, branch out to the rest of the places on this list, and don’t forget to travel to the many other attractions the UK has to offer.