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Why Book Serviced Apartments Instead of Buying Timeshares?

If you like a certain area and want to stay somewhere that seems less like a hotel room and more like a home, you might find yourself comparing timeshares to serviced apartments. There’s a lot of people out there trying to sell timeshares all over the world, but why might you be best sticking with serviced apartments?

No Rising Costs

Timeshares cost a lot of money. Maintenance fees will rise each year whether you use the property or not, then you have to think about things like taxes and assessments, not to mention the monthly payments if you don’t buy outright. Eventually, you could find yourself reading up online about timeshare cancellation companies to help you exit your timeshare because you can not keep up with the costs of your investment. Even after years of booking, a serviced apartment is almost certainly going to save you money.

No Need to Feel Locked In

People will tell you that the lifetime contracts that come with timeshares are a good thing because you can keep coming back and eventually even pass the property on to your children. Problem is, it’s nigh on impossible to get out of those contracts. Finding a buyer can be very hard unless you’re prepared to take a loss. You may even find that way too much money is tied up in a timeshare when you need that money the most. Otherwise, you might have to invest in top timeshare exit companies that can help find another owner to replace you within a stipulated time period.

No Worries About Lost Value

Investing in a timeshare is a little like buying a car; they both lose value as soon as you purchase. When you come to sell, you’ll probably have to accept a much lower price than you originally paid, even though the value of the property probably increased. The supply simply outstrips the demand.

Freedom in Booking

Perhaps the biggest problem with timeshares is feeling completely locked in. You’ll need to holiday at the same place each year and usually around the same time. Even if you like the area enough to keep coming back, that can become pretty boring, especially if your circumstances change and you suddenly need a little more or less space. When you choose to book serviced apartments instead, you can head wherever you want whenever you want.