3 Ideas To Help You Document Your Travel Experiences

When you spend a big chunk of your time and money traveling, you want to be sure that the experiences you’ve had won’t easily be forgotten. 

In recent years, people have taken to social media to share about the adventures they’ve had and the places they’ve gone. And while it can be fun to share the best of yourself with your friends online, there’s usually so much more that you want to hold onto than what you will share on a social media platform.

So to help ensure that you’re able to keep and cherish the memories you create while traveling, here are three ideas to help you document your travel experiences. 

Take Photos Of Everything—Not Just The Picturesque

For any people, taking photos all along the way is the best way for them to remember what they’ve done and seen on their trips. However, it’s not uncommon for people to only take pictures of the times where they see something meaningful or beautiful. Sadly, doing this could mean that you miss out on some of your favorite moments of your trip.

Because of this, Elaina Giolando, a contributor to, recommends that you take pictures of everything, not just the picturesque things. This means taking pictures when things go wrong, like if you get in a car accident, or when things aren’t as you expected, like your hotel looks straight out of a horror movie. Even though these things might not initially be things you want to document, having them will help you hold onto the true memories of your trip.

Keep Meaningful Mementos

If taking photos isn’t your preferred way to document your travels, you might want to opt for things that are a little more tangible.

Hana Hong, a contributor to, choose that many people choose to collect small mementos from all along their trip. This could include things like train tickets, a napkin from the best restaurant you ate at, a coin in the local currency and more. Just make sure you don’t try to keep something that’s going to be too big for you to fit in your luggage for your trip home. 

Create Your Own Digital Travel Journal

Thanks to modern technology, there are now plenty of apps available to help you digitize your travel journals.

According to Kristen Dold, a contributor Travel and Leisure, there are digital travel journals available that allow you to put all your photos together, write your own caption for what was going on at the time, record details like the weather or how far you walked that day, and upload videos that you might have taken.

If you want a new way to document everything that you experience on your next trip, consider using the ideas mentioned above to help you with just that.