4 Ideas for Excuses To Travel

Going on vacation is something which people look forward to all year.  It’s a time to kick back and leave your day to day stresses behind, focusing on releasing your tension and living in the moment.

Sometimes, however, people may feel guilty about taking a break from their jobs or commitments to go on a vacation.  Since travel is often associated with pure leisure, there can be some inner conflict involved about whether you deserve it or not.

However, you don’t have to only travel for pleasure.  Often there are perfectly good reasons for travel which aren’t just about sipping coconuts and swinging in hammocks.  

If you have been feeling the urge to travel but need a good excuse, here are some of the best reasons to travel.

Volunteer Work

Taking a look at places throughout the world which are in need of volunteer assistance can be a great way to combine philanthropy with travel.  Often there are opportunities for you to make a difference in places where there is a lot of poverty or has suffered a natural disaster.

There are all sorts of opportunities for helping, from planting greenery to building houses, to even cleaning disaster sites.  It’s all about where you want to go and how much of a difference you want to make.

Seeing Family

If you haven’t seen someone in your family for a long time, then you may want to take the chance to go see them.  Not only can this be an excellent excuse for you to get on a plane or train, but you will also strengthen your bond with them and probably be a wonderful experience reconnecting with someone that you love.

Try reaching out to friends and family and asking if anyone has any upcoming time off and whether they might be open to a visitor.  You’d be surprised how many family members would jump at the chance.

Studying Abroad

You’re never too old to continue your studies and expand your knowledge.  Enrolling in a program studying abroad is the perfect opportunity to see new places in the world and become more educated at the same time.

In order to decide where you want to go, you should take a look at the programs which interest you.  Remember, your biggest priority should be your studies if you’re going to invest in a study abroad program, so make sure that you choose carefully.

Attending a Wedding

If you happen to receive a wedding invitation in a far away location, rather than throwing it away, why not RSVP as attending? Going to someone’s wedding is the perfect chance to go on a trip and get away from it all and also get to experience seeing a dear friend or family member on their big day.