4 Reasons to Choose a Serviced Apartment Instead of Airbnb for Longer Stays

Few people want to stay in a hotel for longer than a week or two. For longer stays, it often comes down to either a serviced apartment or an Airbnb. Here are just four reasons why you should go for the serviced apartment.

  1. Flexible Rates and Times

An Airbnb is often rented out while the owner is away, so it can be tough to extend your visit. With a serviced apartment or any apartment for that matter, that shouldn’t be a problem since the property will always be let out. Nowadays, you may even find apartments of your choice in a specific price range on sites like In fact, you’re likely to find rates becoming increasingly flexible as you extend the duration of your stay.

  1. Superior Service

When you stay in an Airbnb, you’re basically entirely responsible for the property – there’s definitely not going to be any housekeeping. During longer stays, it’s nice to have people on hand to do the cleaning and everything you’d rather not do yourself. A serviced apartment will be able to provide a better service in this situation. All you need to do is find a reliable provider from whom you can rent the place. And, to learn more about them, you might want to check out companies like Urbanests ( or similar ones. Remember, research is always the best option to go about anything!

  1. Better Communication

In general, Airbnb owners don’t encourage too much communication. Of course, they’ll be happy to provide you with a quick guide of the property and answer any questions you might have, but they generally just want to rent out the space and then get on with their own lives. That means you won’t have much in the way of ongoing service or communication – that’s fine for a couple of nights, but odds are you’ll want some assistance during a longer stay. You’ll receive that assistance from a serviced apartment.

  1. A Place of Your Own

People rent out their properties using Airbnb for a whole host of reasons. However, you’ll generally find that people are renting out their homes when they’re away. As stated above, that can make scheduling hard, but you’re also apt to find it strange living in someone else’s home for weeks on end. A serviced apartment strikes an ideal balance; you’ll get a more personal space than would be provided by a hotel, but you’ll also have a more neutral space than you’d get from an Airbnb. Instead of feeling odd living in someone else’s house, you’ll have a place that feels like it’s your own.