Adding Hotel Stays To Long Vacation Trips

One of the more exciting ways to take a long vacation is to travel by car. Say that you want to go from the East Coast to the West Coast and take some time along the way to really look into different aspects of the states that you pass through. That sounds like an awesome vacation! But one thing you can do to make it more interesting is plan out the hotels that you’re going to stay at.

You can look at lists of best hotels, find suggestions for budget conscious travelers, look into hotels that have some culture associated with them, and then be sure to find a good mix of old and new environments. You could even choose ones near to the sites and attractions you want to see the most, be it a theme park (like one you can find here in California) or a beautiful forest range. This will likely make your experience more enjoyable as you’ll spend less time travelling to and from those places. Focusing at least some of your priorities on which hotels you can stay at is one way to make the trip that much more eventful.

The Best Lists

When you look at lists of the best hotels in specific areas, you get a wide range of options when it comes to what your priorities are. Again looking at the example of traveling from the East Coast to the West Coast, you might look at a list of best hotels in Chicago for the middle of your trip, or some of the best hotels in California for the end of your journey. The point is to be a little bit more focused on where your stopping points are, and what you can do when you are staying there.

The Budget-Conscious Traveler

Vacations definitely aren’t cheap. And staying in hotels is not inexpensive either. That’s why it’s not a bad idea to look at information about inexpensive hotels along the way. If money is an issue, you can map out a route of travel that allows you to pass through places that have budget-conscious hotels to keep you overall on your financial plan.

Getting Some Culture In

And then there are always hotels that you can stay at in cultural centers. For example, you can stop at a hotel in New Orleans and stay for a few days. There’s an incredible amount of culture in that area, and especially if you are from there, you’ll be able to see things that you’ve never even imagined before.

Finding a Mix of Old and New

If you want to get the broadest experience possible, then you’ll find a mix of old and new to visit. Some brand-new hotels have all of the most amazing amenities that you could believe. And then there are old hotels that have a tremendous amount of historical value. Mixing that with the idea of your budget and your travel route, you can really have a vacation that has a lot of meaning simply by picking out which places you want to stop between your origin and your destination each day.