Climbing Mount Everest: 5 Tips For Physical Preparation

Climbing Mount Everest in Nepal is no joke.  It may be a superficial bucket list goal in the minds of many, but only a distinct few make it up to the peak of the mountain.  Trekking the mountains of Nepal is one of the most enlightening experiences known to man.  

Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world.  It stands a daunting 8,848.13 meters high, and no one makes it to the peak that isn’t in top physical condition.  

Climbing Mount Everest is an expedition that will take you an average of two months to complete.  You can’t just climb the mountain.

You have to slowly acclimate your body to withstand the thin air of the mountain as you ascend.  Take a few moments to learn a bit more about what it takes to prepare your physical body for the hard trek ahead.

The process of acclimation to low oxygen levels

One does not simply trek up Mount Everest.  Mountaineers take months to acclimate their bodies to the cut in oxygen levels.  At the peak of the mountain, your body will be working with as little as 50 percent of the oxygen it is used to consuming.  

Take your time changing base camps as you move up the mountain.  Spend at least a few days in each gradual progression to allow your body time to adjust.  Move around during acclimation to see how your muscles will feel during oxygen deprivation.  

Stringent physical fitness routine

Before you ever begin the challenge of ascending the mountain, your body should be in better than best condition.  You need to be running 7-8 miles per day, uphile, with weight on your arms and legs.

You have to push your body to the limits, so you are able the stay alive in the risky conditions of the unpredictable climate of Mount Everest.  

Mountaineering training is a critical prep tool

You want to know what it’s like to climb a mountain before you try and tackle the biggest one of them all.  You need experience to conquer Everest, and lots of it. Make sure you put yourself through a hands on learning process for several years before setting your sights on the Everest of all peaks.  

Gain some weight before setting out

Before you head out to base camp, part of your physical preparations should include gaining a few pounds.  You will most likely lose around 20 percent of your body weight during the expedition, so don’t leave yourself wanton.  

Take proper vitamins and nutrients

Malnutrition is a pain in the body, especially when you’re thousands of meters in the air.  Educate yourself on proper nutrition, and make sure to fortify your body before you begin your journey.