Going Traveling? Head to the Mountains!

It’s time to go traveling! But to where? Where should you go alone? Where can you go with your family? Where might you go to do something athletic, or perhaps relaxing? The answer to all these questions can be a resounding – “it’s time to travel to the mountains!”

So, what are some of your mountainous options? You can go to the Smoky Mountains in the eastern US. You can go to the Rockies in the western US. Then there is always Mount Everest for people who want to climb with all of the tourists. And then there is Mount Fuji if you’re going to go somewhere with an Eastern tilt.

The Smoky Mountains

Heading off to the Smoky Mountains means a good time for yourself or for everyone that you’re traveling with. It is a subrange of the Appalachians in the eastern United States. If you live in the western United States, you get to travel across some beautiful territory to get there. And if you already live near there, then you recognize how amazing of a travel destination you have basically in your backyard. Whether you want to climb the mountains or just look at them, there are plenty of things to do to suit everyone.You would be astonished by its beauty at first glance. It would be fun, if you are traveling along with your peer group. If you are into risky outdoor activities, you can try zip lining with a birds view of the mountain, exciting, isn’t it? Before packing your bags, you might want to check what does it cost for accommodation and outdoor activities near the Smoky Mountains so that you can plan accordingly and choose an affordable spot.

The Rockies

For people who want to head west, traveling to the Rockies might be in order. Not only do you get to see all of the beautiful scenery specific to the mountains, you also get to look at the Grand Canyon out in that direction. Again, there are all sorts of different activities for different personality types to do. There are plenty of relaxing opportunities to absorb that perspective. But for people who want action, there are all sorts of physical activities to participate in, like hiking, zip lines, or rafting down various rivers.

Mount Everest

Many people have a specific item on their bucket list – climb Mount Everest. If you have the time, the inclination, and the basic standard of health, you can do this like many hundreds of people do every year. Because it is such a popular activity, you may have to fight lots of other tourists doing the same thing as you, but it’s still something that you can say that you accomplished at some point in your life once you’ve gone up and then come back down.

Mount Fuji

If you think that you ever want to visit Japan, then why not stop in somewhere around Mount Fuji? It is the highest mountain in the country and a place of much spiritual attention. It is the center of a lot of Japanese history and folklore, and if you want to feel the immensity of its cultural place, the only way to absorb that is to go to the mountain range and see the mountain itself.