Are You Spending Unnecessarily on Your Travels?

Okay, so this isn’t some sort of trick question – I am NOT posing the question of whether or not you should be spending any money on travelling at all, but rather just asking if you’re not spending too much on unnecessary costs associated with travelling. I know it can get really hard to accurately gauge the value-to-expenditure ratio on anything which has to do with travelling, starting with nothing less than the airfare you’re to pay for your flight.

With your flight ticket it’s not like you can call the airline out on the profit margins they make on each ticket taking into account how much it actually costs to get each passenger to their destination. Whatever the standard airfare is over a specific distance is that’s what you have to live with, so in that sphere there’s nothing one can really do about the status quo, except maybe sign up to a loyalty and rewards programme which will ultimately make you eligible for a free flight or a reduced fare down the line.

You could also perhaps search for your flight tickets through online budget flight platforms which basically get allocated tickets from airlines at a much cheaper rate than if you went straight to the airline, oddly enough.

Otherwise there are many other areas you need to take a serious look at by way of your expenditure on your travels in order to quell any such expenditure which is unnecessary. For example, in the same way that you’d search for cheaper rates on airfare you can also search for cheaper rates on your accommodation, often on the very same platforms you use to search for the cheaper flights. The best approach though is to go for a specialist online budget accommodation platform which as suggested specialises in accommodation.

Then you need to look at how you can save on your accommodation, such as considering something like whether or not it’s really necessary to spend an extra £100 per night for a hotel which is right at the beach if you could perhaps sleep at one which is one or two rows of buildings from the beach while still offering easy access to the beach. Do you have to eat the hotel food which comes at a premium price, no matter how you like it or not?

Travel insurance is another area in which you could be spending extra unnecessarily, such as if you’re perhaps travelling to a place like Utah in the United States, in which case law firms such as Christensen & Hymas offer free consultations on personal injury cases, which would suggest that the travel insurance you take out does not need to cover something like consultation fees for a legal attorney specialising in personal injury. That would naturally be something you’re paying for as part of your premiums, which should never be accepted on a one-size-fits-all basis.

Basically you should just apply this way of thinking to every area of your travels in which you’re spending money as it may surprise you just how much you’re actually spending unnecessarily.