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The Life of a Travel Blogger is Not as Blissful as It Looks

This is not an attempt at putting you off your resolution to pursue the life of a travel blogger, but merely a focus on some of the realities of living out one’s life as the much coveted travel blogger. The pictures you see of the bloggers living it up in the most beautiful and exotic locations with their laptops in their laps, seemingly busy with the 30 odd minutes of work required per day, only make for the very best side of the life of travel blogger.

Travel bloggers spend so much more of their time doing actual work — work which you might as well be doing yourself at your office job. The only difference is that travel bloggers have mastered the art of ditching a permanent attachment to a place they call home (a rented apartment, flat, or a house they own, etc.) along with working remotely. Work still needs to be done and you still need to be accommodated, albeit the work is done on a laptop and delivered via an internet connection and the accommodation can work out to be really cheap as there are no leases, no levies, no property taxes and no landlords to deal with.

You may even have someone cleaning up after you, while your food may be prepared for you as well, but all of this costs money in its own way. It’s almost a dream that is being sold to many wannabe travel bloggers that you can simply enjoy blogging a couple of times per day about all the mischief you got up to and then from that earn enough money to travel all over the world and stay on the road for a long time.

There’s much more to being a travel blogger, a lot of which involves a lot of hard work behind the scenes!