Tips For Getting Your Yacht Travel Ready

It’s that time again. Vacation time! Who are we kidding? Any time is a great time for vacation. Some look forward to a quiet time of camping in the woods. Some people can’t wait to nurture their need for adrenaline on the latest roller coaster at their favorite amusement park.

Others are wishing for a weekend on their yacht, enjoying the peace of the rippling waves of the water. However, a trip on the water has some added responsibility to the preparation list for the journey.

Below are three things you should keep in mind when preparing your yacht for time out on the water.


A yacht is a great asset to have in your wheelhouse. You can conveniently disappear when the tension of life gets too high, make it that never-ending project that keeps you on your creative toes, or make tons of great memories with the family out on the water.

However, that last idea, especially, will be a hard adventure to partake in if you don’t keep the maintenance up on your yacht. Make sure to check the engines regularly for any parts, such as spark plugs, that might need to be replaced.

Check wire connections to ensure that power gets everywhere it needs to and make routine walks and swims around to check the hull for cracks and holes that could lead to a leaky journey. Don’t forget to make sure she’s fueled up and oiled, as well.


There is nothing more annoying to an avid yacht owner than taking a trip on the water on a boat that looks like it spent half of its life in a sandpaper mill. How your yacht looks matters. Take pride in the aesthetics of your vacationing vessel like the people at Off The Deep End.

They offer the best paint job around for your floating baby. Take some time to polish the chrome, send your yacht to the boat wash, and remove any barnacles that may have built up on the bottom of the boat.

There’s not a whole lot better feeling than having someone compliment the finished product of something you put so much time and effort into. It brings a great sense of accomplishment. 


If you are lucky enough, and many times well off enough, you have the privilege of being able to man your yacht with a crew to attend to every need of running the ship. A good staff can keep you and your guests happy and entertained, as well.

A word to the wise. Ladies and gentlemen that make a living working on a yacht must be sifted through, carefully. There is little that can be done if your would-be crew decides to take part in an old-fashioned mutiny while you are out at sea.

Make sure to hire men and women with proven track records and references that are not only well reported but genuine. With good help aboard, you and your family or guests will be free to enjoy more free time.  

A trip out on the water in your yacht could be just what the doctor ordered. Follow these tips for getting your yacht travel ready. The preparation could keep your next voyage from being plagued with needless stress.