Top Tips for an Organised and Tidy Campervan

The space within a campervan is already limited as it is, so the last thing you want is to have clutter getting in the way and making the vehicle feel smaller. It’s really easy to keep on top of an organised and neat campervan, you just need to have specific features in place to help you to do so.

Initial Preparation

Before you start to fill your campervan with all of the equipment you’re going to need for your travels, you should check you have everything you need to keep things organised and tidy. The first thing to check is that your cupboards have enough space to store everything you need. If you have items from your last trip that you’re not likely to need on the next one, then it’s definitely worth taking these out to free up some essential storage space for other items. You should then make sure your campervan has a decent sized waste bin and lots of plastic carrier bags to use for rubbish or storing items away. Once you have the right features in place you will find it much easier to keep your campervan organised and keep on top of clutter.

Assess Your Packing

When you start to pack for your road trip in the campervan, it’s very easy to get carried away and go overboard. You need to think realistically and practically, as you don’t want to fill your campervan with items that you’re not going to use. Start by figuring out exactly what you need to take, it’s really easy to do this if you know exactly how long you’re going for. You should try to pack a sensible selection of clothing to get you through the duration of your holiday, with a few extra items for emergencies. The great thing about campervans is that they have a sink, so you can also do some handwashing if needed, so you don’t have to worry about packing extra for when clothes get dirty.

Equipment Decisions

Dependant on the number of people you are travelling with, you need to think about which pieces of equipment are going to be required. For example, you want to pack the right number of camping chairs, plates and cutlery, mugs, cups and so on. This may seem obvious, but you often find that people pack everything they have, which can result in there being very little space in the camper, so try to stick to the necessary amount. You then find that lots of equipment pieces serve multiple purposes, such as your cooker in vehicle can be used for BBQ food and so on, so you don’t need to worry about packing items such as camping stoves or disposable BBQ’s.

Keep on Top

It’s really important to keep on top of keeping your campervan neat and tidy. It’s very easy to let things pile up or start to clutter certain areas, and this can cause the space to feel much smaller and not as welcoming. By using labels, such as magnetic warehouse labels, you can keep your caravan an organised and efficient space when it comes to storing equipment. Metal labels, for example to stick on shelving units, can help to keep everything in it’s own place – without the sticky mess of a paper label! Try to keep track of how often you’re throwing the rubbish away, sort some recycling boxes (or you could get some of these recycling bins from Eko Home), and make sure your throwing any unwanted items away to prevent it from building up in the campervan. You can also stay organised by storing things in designated places around the campervan, so whenever anything is used it can be put back where it belongs and won’t be taking up essential space in your living spaces.