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Travelling for Half as Much as You Currently Spend

Look, when you plan and actually follow through on a trip, you undoubtedly have enough money put aside to cover all the regular and potentially extra expenses which are to form part of your trip, but be that as it may, the true traveller always looks for the most cost-effective way of providing for any aspect of their trip.

It all starts with how you book your plane ticket. If you go directly to the site of the airline with which you want to travel, you’re effectively killing yourself in terms of the costs. Don’t do it. Rather use discount booking sites like BudgetAir. I’ve used them before — it actually works. You won’t be turned away for having bought a “fake ticket” because it’s all legit. You’ll also be eligible to earn “miles” as part of the airline’s loyalty programmes, which are valuable complementary points you can accumulate and cash in for free flight tickets, free accommodation and a lot of other complementary offerings a traveller would welcome.

In addition, also use budget accommodation booking platforms like Booking.com. While you’re at it, stay at a backpackers’ or a hostel, perhaps a guesthouse or a bed-and-breakfast as well as these are so much cheaper than hotels. You’ll also be in for a good chance to hook up with other budget travellers who are in on some budget travellers’ secrets to perhaps stretch your budget for the activities you want to engage in while on your getaway.

If you turn it into something of an art, hunting travellers’ bargains will have you travelling for up to half of what you’d otherwise usually spend.