The Type of Luxury Travel Money Can’t Buy

Let’s be honest – as much as some elements of luxury travel don’t really justify the price tag slapped on them, really, if there was no money involved and it was merely a matter of choosing between something like flying business class over economy class, many if not all of us would choose the “luxurious” option of the two, would we not? For example, you would need to look at Austin Hotels when you travel to Texas, but it is upto you what kind of accommodation you choose. Money is involved however and is indeed the biggest factor influencing how one travels, but that sort of brings the point into focus in that would you pay something like 3-4 times as much as the price of an economy class plane ticket to fly business class instead, assuming the flight was only a three-hour one? The luxury options when travelling vary on the person and their budget, what may seem like a luxury to one, may be normal for another, this is why a variety of luxury options are put out there for people to use.

You most probably wouldn’t buy a high-priced ticket for a small flight, which demonstrates the exercising of some much-needed common sense on the part of anybody whose travels are funded by the money they earn through their own hard work. I mean even if you were a new-money type who won a couple hundred thousand or even some millions over at, once the novelty of being a newly-minted moneybag wore off, common sense would prevail and your financial astuteness would come back to the fore as in the economy-business class example covering our short three-hour flight.

This brings to light the type of luxury travel in which money simply can’t buy in that it’s really not about having the money to be able to afford it, but rather about those luxury travel perks which are exclusively available to a select few. I’m also not talking about artificially fabricated “exclusivity” like those ring-fenced cults and clubs established by the old-money types. What I’m talking about is travel luxury which forms part of an exercise, programme or project which is more about long term marketing than anything else.

I’ll make reference to an example many travellers should at the very least aware of, if only just vaguely, that being one particular hotel in Dubai which is considered to be of seven star quality grade! I mean what on earth is a seven-star hotel?

Well a seven-star hotel is one which was built only with the slight possibility that it might one day turn a profit, but that’s not the main reason why it was built and why it operates. Regardless of the loss at which it is operating, it keeps its doors open and continues to provide what is perhaps the ultimate in luxurious travel, sparing now expense to keep guests happy.

Don’t get it twisted though – while this seven-star hotel operates at a loss and only really has a focus of providing a unique luxury travel experience, by no means does this mean it comes cheap and by no means does this mean it’s even in the slightest bit affordable to those of us who consider ourselves to be a bit more savvy about what we spend on our travels.

This is the type of luxury travel money can’t buy and if as a traveller you play your cards right, sometimes you can benefit from this sort of luxury travel by offering yourself up as a possible subject through which the marketing of such a luxury travel establishment can be publicised.