What Beginners Should Know About International Travel.

  • Learn the basics.

You do not have to be fluent in the language of your destination. However, we recommend that you read the following pieces of information before leaving home. The exchange rate: cost control is an essential part of the trip for most people. In addition, to newcomer traveler is ripe for cheaters, lovers of prices and tourist traps. Knowing the cost of something only in your own currency can lead to additional costs simply because you do not understand the price.

  • Until you get oriented, you may want to do the less adventurous.

When you come to a new country, you are vulnerable to all kinds of mistakes and wrong decisions. If you feel a little disoriented when leaving Customs, you should consider using more conventional and less adventurous services than otherwise. A good example is airport transportation; If you take a slow but official transportation service, book a taxi in the middle (and often too expensive) “taxi” or go to an information desk that would not even notice in your home, this can help you get started. Avoid really messy trips. Once you get your bearings (and maybe a jet lag), you can go back to becoming your normal and adventurous person. The boom of the “enter, leave” bus tours is another great option, as it offers a combination of freedom and advice that attracts many travelers who want to get to know a new city.

  • The Visa Procedure May Be Completely Unreasonable.

The visa application process can be more complicated and slower than planned, but think in the following way: as complicated as a passport in your own country, take this imposing and bureaucratic process and add it to another country with completely different laws, in those that only a few employees work in a single embassy. In these circumstances, it is surprising to find that it is not more difficult to obtain a visa.

  • Many International Airports Are Gigantic and Complex. Plan Accordingly

You may think that your base of operations is a bustling airport, but the largest international centers, including Dubai International, London Heathrow, Hong Kong International and Paris Charles de Gaulle, take it to another level of terminals, customs controls, – checks and more. For example, international airports in Europe often serve as connecting airports or transit airports for passengers from all over the world. People who come from Russia to the United States could connect with Amsterdam. The Americans of Hamburg could connect with London. People from Argentina to Sicily could connect with Barcelona.

  • The hotel manager manages this hotel frequently.

While most of the US hotels are chains or franchises whose prices, services, availability and discounts are established and managed centrally, many international hotels like Onyx Hospitality are more like independent companies in which the manager is really responsible. This is especially true in small ones. Hotels are the case, but even in some chains you will find that you do all your business directly with the hotel manager. He or she can often haggle the price, add extras like breakfast and much more. Emails at the hotel, calls to the reception, reservation extensions, complaints are often handled by only one person.