Why serviced accommodation in Bristol is great for a short break from regular life

The rise in the number of staycations in recent years means many Brits are opting to see some more of the country’s best cities. Bristol is a hot tourist destination that has attracted a lot more visitors due to a large number of new developments as well as the past cultural history of the city.

 If you are planning a stay in one of the biggest cities in the South West, you may be wondering what the best type of accommodation to book is and what the best place to stay is. Here we break down the different types of serviced accommodation offered in the city and the best parts of the city to visit during your stay.

Serviced accommodation in Clifton for a quieter stay

Some of the quieter parts of Bristol are great to stay in if you are looking to unwind and relax more than you are looking to party. Clifton gives you access to a useful train station in addition to some of the city’s best eateries. You also are within walking distance of the Bristol Zoo which can be a great day out if you are travelling with a family. You can also take a trip to the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Harbourside serviced accommodation gives you access to all parts of the city

Having good access to the different parts of Bristol will help you visit all the city has to offer. If you opt for Harbourside serviced accommodation you don’t have to worry about getting costly taxis which may eat into your holiday budget. The district is located close to the cities art facilities and the scenery makes it a great place to visit in of itself.

Stay in Stokes Croft serviced accommodation for a lively stay

If you are looking for a more exciting stay during your visit to Bristol, serviced accommodation in Stokes Croft gives you access to all of the city’s best bars and clubs. The colourful murals also make it a great place to walk around during the daytime. It may not be the best accommodation to stay in if you are planning a more relaxed stay.

Take advantage of the services on offer in your accommodation

If you are spending a bit more to try and book serviced accommodation, try and make use of the extra services on offer. You may find that simple things like not having to do the cooking or cleaning can have a big impact on the quality of your stay. Additionally, staying with the right provider will ensure you have frictionless communication that will ensure you have everything you need.