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Do You Have What it Takes to Become a Digital Nomad?

As someone who’s interested in travelling, naturally, you’d spend a lot of your time reading blogs such as this one and others, hopefully with the aim of gaining some valuable insight to perhaps help you make it happen in terms of your own personal travel goals. One of the most widely covered topics you must have come across quite a few times by now is that of the rather interesting lives of those travellers who call themselves digital nomads. It’s a rather enviable life, but do you have what it takes to become one of those?

How to Get Started

Some digital nomads are merely freelancers who effectively complete their work remotely while out on the road, which is a great way of living out your life because then it just effectively means you can choose where to work from. You can practically work from anywhere, provided you deliver what you’re supposed to. So, when it comes to destinations for Digital Nomads Medellin could be a good place to start because of all it offers. Likewise, there are several places around the world that can be suitable for the lifestyle. But, if you want to go it via the route of operating a digital business, you first have to build that business up and make sure it brings in a consistent amount of income before you can hit the road, that is if you want to stay on the road.


Becoming a digital nomad isn’t a matter of just packing up with your laptop in tow and effectively becoming one, as it were. A lot of pre-preparation is required and this pre-preparation can take up to a year or more. Some of the basic requirements include getting the best vpn for mac or any device you use for that matter. This is crucial, especially if you want to keep your browsing private. It isn’t all sunshine and beaches — whoever appears to be living like that, completing about two hours of work at the beach each day isn’t truly a digital nomad. They’ve effectively set up a business which is only really paying off now, thus allowing them to spend their days lazing about on the beach and pretending to do some work on their laptops for some nice pics to put up on their blogs.

So perhaps you do have what it takes, but there’s a lot more to it than what most travel blogs suggest.